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Along with your hosts Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free (co founders of UNdiet Online), build a healthy relationship with food and your body by learning from the non diet experts on UNdiet Online. Learn more about UNdiet Online here -

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Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

We're back!We've taken some weeks off of the podcast while we were launching UNdiet Online but it's here and we are back!
Watch a tour of UNdiet Online here -->
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We're excited to be back with regular episodes and we will be back in the groove of our typical episodes and amazing, expert featured episodes in the coming months.
If you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us at anytime at
Love, Lauren and Jenna 

Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Lauren and Jenna talk about how Intuitive Eating is the same 356 days a year. Holidays, vacations, or any other day does not need to be special or different when listening to your own body signals. Tune in for the full convo! 
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Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Wellness without the obsession can be a tricky aspect of UNdieting and Intuitive eating because it is so nuanced. The actions you might take may be similar in some regards to dieting actions but the intentions, reasons and flexibility of these actions makes all the difference.
Tune in to hear a couple ways you can consider wellness without the obsession that aren't just to add more veggies and not restrict.
Be sure to be on the lookout for our new platform UNdiet Online launching in January! Think if Mind Valley, a Facebook group and Netflix had a baby and it's babysitter was a HAES professional :).
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Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

In this episode Lauren and Jenna share 3 different shifts you can make to go from body image challenges to body neutrality. Tune in to practice these shifts in your everyday life to work through any body image issues! 
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Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Today Lauren and Jenna are discussing what it means to UNdiet, how it's different than dieting or just "not dieting" and how you can fit wellness without the obsession into your life!
Be sure to look out for UNdiet Online coming soon if you are looking to learn from hundreds of amazing non diet experts and join a community that gets it and is free of diet culture!
Our current app is here -- (join this version and your first month on UNdiet Online is free!)

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

On this week's episode on How to Love Your Body, we talk about the difference between coaching and therapy.
Both are fabulous and supportive options if you are looking for in depth support but there is a difference!
It really depends on where you are at in your UNdiet journey and what you are looking for.
Are you looking for a step by step process to Intuitive Eating and Body image with suggestions and supportive advice? Are you looking for a helpful ear to listen to you and dive deeper into your mental and emotional health?
No matter what it is you need, you'll be able to find what you are looking for to support you!
Tune in for the full conversation and see if coaching or therapy is something for you.
If you are interested in learning more about private coaching with The Body Love Society fill out a form here and we'll be in touch! 

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

We've been asked this many times - does intuitive eating work?
It depends what "working" means.
And this depends on one's goals and intentions with pursuing intuitive and UNdieting.
Be sure to tune in to tackle what Intuitive Eating working means for YOU!
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Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Lauren and Jenna have a conversation about self-care and what it really is. Everyone is entitled to their own choices and body autonomy first and foremost! That being said, we wanted to bring up a conversation to create more self-awareness around what we believe is self-care. We brought up topics from the beauty industry such as botox, hair extensions, and spa days to being in nature, allowing yourself to take a break, and hanging out with friends. Is it grooming? Is it compliance? Is it self-care? Tune in for the full conversation and check in with what you believe is truly self-care for you. 
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Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

Today we are diving into the drama that is happening on our Tiktok and Instagram right now. 
We called out some very blatant fat phobia in the 2008 Pixar film WALL-E and people were coming out to defend it. I'm not sure what it is about the film that has people ready to deny very obvious anti fat bias but here we are.
We talk more about why this is damaging and how anti-fat bias and body image work affect people in different sized bodies in different ways.
You can learn more about our private coaching at
Or check out our app UnDiet Your Mind to learn from many different experts in the non diet field (we have a new feature with weeklong live Q and As!).
xoxo Jenna and Lauren 

Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

On today's episode, Lauren and Jenna talk about the truth behind Health At Every Size. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it is so we wanted to set it straight. Health At Every Size is an amazing way for people who don't want to diet to live their lives. It's focusing on what works well for YOUR body and what it needs without any focus on weight loss. Does that mean there isn't any focus on health? Of course not. A reminder that health does not equal weight. We dive deeper into this conversation...tune in! 
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