Today on How to Love Your Body we are talking to Mary Jelkovsky from Mary's Cup of Tea.

She is the author of the book The Gift of Self Love and in this episode we dive into all things body image and romantic relationships.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, doing UnDiet work can affect how we seek out or how we interact with a romantic partner.

Tune into this episode to get tips and insights into how to set boundaries with your partner and be able to UnDiet without being limited by your romantic relationships.

Mary is our guest expert in the Collective on June 30th!

To access her Self Love Workshop be sure to join the waitlist for the Collective reopening in July!

Welcome to How to Love Your Body. On today’s episode we are talking about the infamous “summer body.” Now that summer is almost here you may be seeing a lot of “summer body” promotion - the typical meaning of this comes from diet culture which basically says that the body you have right now is not okay to go into summer because it needs to be thinner in order to wear a bathing suit and summer clothes. We’d like to call BS on that which is why we want to address 4 ways to an UnDieter’s “Summer Body.” 

1. Get a new bathing suit for summer that fits the body you have today. Not only something that fits and feels comfortable but something you feel good in! All bodies have the ability to feel confident in a bathing suit - we must release the idea that bodies can only look good in bathing suits if they are a certain size. We know that maybe buying and trying on a bathing suit is not the funnest thing to do but you absolutely deserve to feel good. No more sitting on the sidelines and skipping beach trips/ pool days/ family fun on a vacation that involves a bathing suit etc… No more hiding behind cover ups. You have a “summer body” right now just by waking up in the body you have today and the season of summer rolling around. There are NO prerequisites to a summer body. So go get the bathing suit - if it’s bringing a bestie to help you go try them on with you or ordering them online and sending back the ones you don't want and keeping the one/s you do. However it works best for you, make sure you have a bathing suit that you like, feel good in, and feels comfortable! 

2. Wear clothes that suit summer - yes, there is hype about bathing suits but it’s also important to wear clothes that are suitable for summer. No need to wear sweaters and pants when really a tank/ t-shirt and some shorts are really what would feel most comfortable in warmer weather. Do you have summer clothes that you feel good and proper for the weather? Temperature is one way to choose what kind of clothes to wear - when you are hot and the sun is shining - a lot of clothing may not be something that will give your body comfort. Your body will know according to the way it feels if you are honoring it. If it’s overly sweating because it’s being covered up when it’s hot outside there will be an unconscious sense of “I can’t allow my body to feel comfortable because of my size.” This message is deeply rooted from diet culture and not the truth! Your body gets to wear tank tops/ crop tops/ shorts/ and all the things that suit summer! 


3. Upping your Self - Care as a priority - You may be feeling the pressure or anxieties that come along with summer approaching. Instead of forcing yourself onto a diet that doesn’t work - you can up your self-care. How to be on your way to an UnDieters Summer Body? Treat it with care - what is something you can do for your body that feels self-serving? Does your body need more rest? Does it need a massage? Does it need a lovely bath with your favorite bath salts/ candles/ followed up with a calming lotion? Do you enjoy manicuring it? Or do you need to allow yourself to not upkeep with the manicuring so rigidly? Ask yourself - “what does my body need?” And do that! 


4. Wellness without the Obsession - We are going to keep this one super broad because we want to give the message that you do not have to ever, ever, ever try and change your body for the sake of getting a “summer body.” You are perfect as is in the body you are in today. But we did want to lightly bring up WWTO because there is nothing wrong with moving your body in ways that feel good, that don’t feel forced. It’s also great to eat in ways that feel good. You can drink a green smoothie because it feels good and still absolutely allow the cookies and pizza too. WWTO is something that isn’t “picked up” because you need a “summer body” it’s something that is just a part of your life - feeling good in your body feels good, being aware of your health is great (and this is not the typical diet version of health, it’s your own definition - it’s caring for your mental, emotional, and physical health). Health DOES NOT come in a certain shape or size. 

This is dropping into your body and doing what feels best to you - not what the person next to you is doing. So if you have family/ friends/ or social media friends who are talking about their diets/ workout regimens to get “summer ready” - hit the ignore/ unfollow button because that is NOT a requirement for summer. It’s a societal flaw that keeps people in their own shame and in an obsessive world of dieting that is no way to live. Acceptance of all bodies and using our Intuition of how we feel in our bodies is something that allows us to just BE who we are without constantly live in a state of needing to change ourselves. Please know that you are always enough. 

Since the “summer body” promotion stuff is being advertised as summer is approaching we wanted to create something for you that can give you small action steps each day to keep you in the UnDiet mindset frame of mind so you can offset any diet content that doesn’t serve you… This is why we created an UnDiet June Calendar -- you can access it by going to

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Hello! Welcome to How to Love Your Body, today on the podcast we are talking about how to take the big, overwhelming, vague intangible work of intuitive eating and make it more tangible, action based and DOABLE!


A major barrier for most people in UnDieting is that it’s a philosophy or idea that people can generally understand and get behind, they may even want to live that way… but what do I actually DO???


Since they aren’t sure what to do they get stuck in learning, learning and learning more.

Soon enough they’ve subscribed to every podcast, they’ve read every book on the topic and they follow every IE counsellor on Instagram, but not much has actually changed in the way they eat, think about food, move their bodies or think about their bodies.


Of course some times will have big aha moments just from listening to this philosophy, and that is amazing!


However, if that isn’t you, and you’re feeling stuck we have a lot of great insights to share with you, because this work CAN be more tangible, there really are steps to take to work towards things like ending binge eating, stopping mental and physical restriction, even body image work and pursuing wellness without the obsession.


I believe that a lot of these step by step instructions aren’t talked about very much because the people who already live it and teach it just DO these things, they don’t even consciously realize it.


What we have done over the last 6 or 7 years while we have been UnDieters and Intuitive Eaters is observe ourselves, how did we stop restricting? How did binge eating end? What if someone wanted to do this too? What would we say to do each step of the way?

Here is an example:


Ending binge eating:

The advice that is often given is allow all foods and stop restricting:

Okay well how do I DO that??


It sounds easy, it sounds logical and straightforward. EAT! But as ex dieters we know it’s not that simple, if it were we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, so we want to help you break it down.


Here are a few of the steps we recommend you take on your way to ending binge eating:


The first is a mindset shift - it must be understood that eating the food regularly is what ends this cycle, so if you feel worried about eating chips for example, not eating them now leads to:


  • Eating much more later/ binge eating (not that the goal is to eat less but if we push eating the food until we can’t resist anymore we will just eat it when our defenses are down which turns into a binge. This is like suppressing anger until you burst! Expressing emotions more regularly and more gently feels much better and is much healthier, it’s the same with food!) 
  • Being preoccupied with the food, that feeling of not being able to focus because you know there’s ice cream in the freezer. This is caused by not eating the food regularly. 


You may be fearful of eating the food but eating it regularly is how we move away from the diet/ binge cycle and into UnDieting.


Okay so how do I do this in steps??


Now that you’re coming from a place of understanding that eating all foods regularly is the key to a healthy relationship with food (remember, think of it as suppressing emotions - that never ends well!) it’s time to begin eating the dang food.


Step 1: Identify your binge foods. 

Write a list, what are the foods that you binge on?


Step 2: Identify binge times. Is it at night after the kids have gone to bed? Alone on the weekends?


Step 3: Get these foods into the house (We know this is scary!) It is best to do this on a normal grocery run, not a special trip. We want to normalize these foods so purchasing the potato chips along with the broccoli and yogurt is a good first step!


Step 4: Store these “special” foods where you keep other foods. No special chocolate drawers or hiding the chips in a different cupboard, get it all out there in the open beside the cans of soup or the frozen peas (I love my chocolate in the freezer).


Step 5: Eat these foods at times OUTSIDE of your binge times.

This is how we begin normalizing the food, will this result in binge eating ending immediately? Most likely not, you do need to push through some discomfort at first. You MAY binge on the foods you brought into your house but do not give up.


Step 6: Normalize the foods by folding them into your regular eating. 

EX: Let’s say chips are your binge food, and you’re making a sandwich for lunch, put a nice handful of chips beside your sandwich! You can always get more but for now just make it a part of the meal. 


Step 7: Do this 10 times with each binge food and then take stock with how it feels (in The UnDiet Collective we provide reflective worksheets and checklists for you to document your progress without it feeling like tracking).

This can take time, and that’s good! Taking time with this work and each step in this work is what makes it stick, it’s what allows you to embody the work instead of constantly just learning about it.


This work is BIG - if you think about everything that goes into ending restricting, stopping mental restriction, ending binge eating, working on body acceptance, how to add wellness into a life that has nothing to do with dieting or pursuing weight loss.. It’s overwhelming, it’s a lot.


This is why in The UnDiet Collective we have broken every lesson down into actionable audio trainings with checklists for you to feel like it’s manageable and that you always know what next step to take.

We also prioritize focusing on ONE lesson at a time so that you can get the hang of each element before you move on.


In the UnDiet Collective Membership there are 5 Phases of lessons:


1: Step out of diet culture & rebuild food/body thoughts and beliefs


  1. Make food easier & end disordered eating habits (binge eating, restrictive eating)


  1. Body image & Body Respect :


  1. Movement and Nourishment  (WWTO) and long term sustainable wellness


  1. Maintenance:


We will share more details about these phases and the step by step lessons that are in each one soon!


Doors are reopening to the membership at the end of June so be sure to join the waitlist at if you are looking for step by step guidance along with personal support every step of the way so UnDieting can be easier and feel much safer!


We can’t wait to see you in there!


Since this is the final day to join our 21 Day Relationship with Movement Intensive we wanted to address the 3 key areas of a healthy relationship with exercise.

1. Untying exercise and weight loss

This is where dieters have a real problem - using exercise as a weight loss tool. When we were dieters we exercised to burn calories, make up for what we saw as "extra food" or even as a way to justify eating at all in many instances.

Why is this a problem other than the obvious?

For someone who is trying to get out of the diet mentality this leads to either continuing to exercise and really limiting their ability to be intuitive or grow these new skills and new way of thinking


The person stops exercising at all because they don't want to be focusing on weight loss.

These options provide no nuance or balance and that's what we love in this work - having it all!

This obstacle is addressed in the Movement Intensive

2. Getting out of all or nothing thinking and learning to be flexible with your schedule

All or nothing thinking with movement leads to a lot of "why bother" moments.

I only have 15 minutes - why bother.

I feel tired and can't do a big, sweaty workout - why bother.

I can't go to the gym (due to pandemic or any other reason) - why bother.

When you pursue a healthy relationship with movement you have thoughts like this instead:

I have 15 mins, I'm going to get out for a walk with my favorite podcast.

I'm tired but it would feel good to move, I'm going to do this stretching video.

I can't go to the gym, I'm going to do this dance video.

When you get out of all or nothing thinking you get to just do what works for you and that generally leads to an overall balanced life of movement, rest and just living life!

This is a major focus of The Movement Intensive!

3. Removing judgement around type, length or intensity of workouts - there's a place for all of it!

If you see 15 mins of exercise as useless or not "good enough" you won't bother when that's all the time you have but you're human, there will be many times when you don't have time and just brushing those moments off leaves you with a contentious relationship with exercise.

This leads to those battles of feeling bad for not exercising and then not working out because you feel bad! It's a vicious cycle.

It's similar as what you are likely working on with food - the apple isn't better than the apple pie, they're just different and both have a place. Exercise is the same, there's room for it all and it's important to get rid of judgement.

This is another element we work through in The Movement Intensive.

Looking forward to finding a healthy relationship with exercise together!

Love, Lauren & Jenna

PS - Doors close tonight at 7 pm pacific, 8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern.

This week we are diving into a post we shared on the value of keeping food IN your house.

This is something that worries a lot of people and when we posted this we received a lot of great responses:


People who agree and have experienced the magic of being able to have food in the house and not worrying about it (particularly the desserts and snacks they used to binge on)


Those who disagree and state that they just cannot keep food in the house without obsessing over it or bingeing on it.


We address both sides of this experience and give you insights into why ANYONE can get to a place of having food freedom and having whatever foods they love in the house and even forgetting the food is there at all!


Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are talking about Intuitive Eating Essentials - we are taking it back to the basics today. You can be someone who’s been in IE for a really long time or just starting out - either way this episode will provide value in either giving you a refresh or starting you out powerfully in your IE and UnDiet process. 

This episode is brought to you by: Our 5 Day Relationship with Movement Challenge. This 5 day live challenge is to help you find ease with exercise and actually enjoy it again. You can join this live challenge at

We are not simply just going to go over the IE principles - they are great guidelines to know so if you would like to refresh just type in “IE principles Evelyn Tribole” into Google and you’ll find them. 

So in order to be an Intuitive Eater - what are the essentials? 

  • All food is allowed and on an even playing field - ex. The apple and the apple pie are one and the same. 

This doesn’t mean the apple and the apple pie have the same nutritional value - it means they are both morally acceptable to eat when your body desires them. This goes for ANY food or food group. If we can honor our bodies when we want the fresh crisp apple because that’s what genuinely sounds good and we can honor our bodies when we desire fresh warm apple pie - THIS is Intuitive Eating without limitations, judgements, or morality tied into food. You may notice that when you allow all food at any time, while listening to your body, you aren’t craving only the apple pie all day every day. You also aren’t craving apples all day everyday, we can assume. When we truly allow our bodies to be and honor the food when we naturally desire or crave it then you’ll see that you naturally eat a variety of foods each week/ each month. There’s a natural ebb and flow to eating decadent desserts, fresh fruits, savory food, pastas and pizzas and salads and veggies and burgers and fries and all the things. Seeing all food on an even playing field will not only give you the freedom to eat what you desire but will also truly allow you to eat intuitively. 

  • There is no failing in Intuitive Eating

This is an essential part of IE because if you believe you are either succeeding or failing everyday while on your process to doing this work you will constantly feel like you are taking 2 steps forward and one step back. You may have a hard day - you may binge eat - you may emotionally eat - you may do all these things that you judge but in reality it’s not failing, it’s not wrong, and it’s not bad to do anything while being an Intuitive Eater - You aren’t taking steps backwards if you didn’t listen to your body or you feel too full - this is all part of the process! This is “normal”  - It’s essential that you know that these tough moments are your greatest areas to get curious instead of judge and learn from your experiences. These moments that feel like “failing” are actually moments you process, deal with, and transform - which catapults you on your UnDiet process. Taking the judgement out of your process will be the most important thing to remember! So the next time you think you “failed” - remind yourself of this podcast episode. You did not fail, you can’t fail in IE - it’s impossible! Only curiosity, awareness, and transformation is possible! 

  • There is no timeline with Intuitive Eating 

This is so important to remind yourself! IE is not linear. Neither is anything really - there is a constant ebb and flow to life. If you find yourself saying, “I’ve been Intuitive Eating for x amount of months or x amount of years” - catch yourself and remind yourself that there is no timeline - the main thing here is that you have ditched dieting and diet culture - You are here, you have found this new world of UnDieting - and now you just live here and continue to learn and grow. To shift beliefs and your mindset around food and your body and do the best you know how with the resources you have. You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment and moving forward you will continue to be exactly where you are meant to be - this is why it’s called a process - the ebb and flow. The un-linear process! 

Remind yourself of these essentials daily - it will take a lot of the judgment out of this process! You’ll be able to relax in the knowing that you can’t get it wrong, you can’t fail, there’s no time limit to any of it, and whatever it is that you are eating is okay! Simplify this work as much as possible. 

And we know a part of this work isn’t just food and mindset, movement is an important element as well. This is why we are so excited about our LIVE 5 Day Relationship with Movement Challenge starting Monday May 10th.

During this challenge you will join us live for 5 quick coaching sessions on how to make exercise feel enjoyable again. This is all about mindset and the way you THINK about movement - this will really be a game changer.
And don’t worry if you can’t make it live you will be sent the replays along with the workbook so you can transform your relationship with movement whenever it’s easiest.

Join the 5 Day Relationship with Movement Challenge at

See you next week!

3 roles YOU play in dismantling diet culture

Welcome to this week’s episode of How to Love Your Body

We are talking about YOUR role in dismantling diet culture.

We all wish diet culture would not be here.

We might feel like a victim of it, fair enough.

It’s inhumane, it’s unfair, it’s harmful.


People are working hard to dismantle it - through legislation, through education, through activism….

But do we just sit around and wait for the world to change?

That doesn’t feel very empowered.

So what can WE do to begin dismantling diet culture in small ways in real life?


  1. Show up as you are.

Something we see a lot of in The UnDiet Collective and in our own personal situations is a real fear of showing up and being seen in a way that goes against diet culture.

For instance today I did some instagram stories and as per usual I was walking and was holding the phone kind of low and talking, not a very nice angle.

When I look at those stories before posting them I thought, I do not like the way that looks. Initial thoughts include - if ppl see that that I haven’t seen in a while they’ll really think I’ve changed, they won’t know what I REALLY look like.

Fears of not fitting into the world that diet culture built for us while ALSO wanting to dismantle diet culture. Well that makes no sense!

The only logical move is to ALWAYS post it anyways, show up anyways.

If you want to have permission to show up as you are with no apologies you need to BE the person who shows up as they are with no apologies, no one else is going to do it. 


2.  Allow others to show up as they are


Every time you wear the bathing suit you actually want to wear (even if it makes you nervous) you give permission to others to do the same. 

This is a ripple effect that is so powerful and really important.

Imagine 100 people who listen to this podcast episode show up to see their friends post pandemic (in many places, not where I live sadly, everything has closed down again), with zero apologies, no need for an explanation or “excuse”. Just, Hi it’s great to see you!

Then everyone of those people shows 5 others that it’s ok to just show up as you are, there’s 600 people now feeling more free and so on.

You CAN make a big difference even just be showing up without apologies or “explanations”.


3. Share your views publicly


No you don’t need to preach to everyone you meet how they shouldn’t diet, that won’t be very helpful BUT you can share an insta post publicly (even if you worry that a couple friends might argue with it -- NOTE: You do not need to engage with everyone’s opinion, you can just say, that hasn’t been my experience).

Sharing UnDiet resources can plant a seed in people that turns into questioning and shifting their beliefs later on. 

For instance, share this podcast episode right now! It will help the message get farther so we can change the world one person at a time.

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Thank you!

Welcome to How to Love Your Body, on today’s episode we are talking about how to address fatphobic family members.

We actually get this question a lot which makes sense because most people have been ingrained with diet culture. So once you are trying to do the work to get out of diet culture and learn Intuitive Eating and UnDieting - it may be really challenging to be around family members who are still constantly talking about either their weight / your weight , what diet they are on or commenting on the food choices you make. It’s a lot and can be really upsetting since you are working so hard on not exposing yourself to that. 

How can you address fatphobic family members? 

-Set Direct Boundaries - “Please don’t make comments about my body or my food.”

-Be so strong in knowing that IE is best for you that whatever they say is like a different language you can’t understand - If someone came up to you and was speaking a language you didn’t understand you would most likely just look a bit confused and be unable to take in what they are saying. You most likely wouldn’t feel affected because there’s no way of knowing what they are saying, you just shrug your shoulders and move on. 

- Remind yourself that you can choose who you are around and who you aren’t - If you set boundaries and they continue to comment on your food/ body- then you can choose to have them in your life or not - or at least in what capacity. Maybe you distance yourself, maybe they are cut out completely, maybe it stays as is but you develop an armor that doesn’t take you down every time they start up with the comments. 

-How do you handle family members who have a different political or religious viewpoint? This is closely the same. (Sometimes it’s just best to not talk about it - you aren’t going to convert people who don’t want to learn, let them do their thing just like you want them to let you do yours).

-Be a brick wall - You know what isn’t fun? Talking to someone about your diet who never engages with you. If you don’t feed into the conversation and always change the topic as quickly as possible people will know that you are not the person to gush about calories and how “bad” you were this weekend with.

-They are projecting their own beliefs and insecurities - Whatever they say about food/ body / weight / etc - is really just about themselves and their own fears. This does not mean you have to condone what they are saying. This does not mean you have to endure the verbal abuse. It means that you can remind yourself that this is not about you, it’s about them.

You get to protect yourself, you get to set boundaries, you get to use your voice. 

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See you next week!

Welcome to How to Love Your Body - on today’s episode we are talking about Intuitive Eating on your period or during PMS. That’s right, we are going there today.

We have seen many women post about feeling guilty with the cravings and amount of food they eat during PMS or while on their period. 

We first want to say we are not experts in this area - if you have irregular cycles, PCOS, endometriosis, etc - this is not a replacement for professional guidance. There are amazing resources you can find which we will link - one of those being an expert in anti diet and PCOS, @foodpeacedietitian - Julie Duffy Dillon. 

If you do struggle with something in this area we recommend finding an expert who can help you - especially someone who is anti diet. 

That being said if you live with the question - should I be eating this much during PMS or during my period? I feel so hungry! I want to eat all the chocolate! Etc … this is what we re going to address in this episode.

This episode is for EVERYONE - just know if you do need extra support in this area to outsource - but also know listening to your body and eating intuitively during your period is what your body wants. IE is just the way you live, it doesn’t need to change when your period comes along, it’s a part of the ebb and flow. 

Tips to Intuiting Eating when you feel like you want to EAT ALL THE THINGS during PMS or during your period: 

#1. DO IT. EAT. Whatever your body is craving and the amount it’s craving that is what your body needs. The less judgement you have in what you eat and how much you eat, the more likely you will get the amount that feels good to your body.

Judgement will cause mental restriction which will lead to overeating and bingeing - of course there is nothing wrong with eating past fullness or bingeing but the more you allow the food, the craving, the desire, the more you’ll be able to listen to your body and eat the amount that feels good. 

#2. There are 4 phases during your cycle- this means there is an ebb and flow to what our body is signaling to us - it does not matter so much what the phases are - the point is that if you are craving something on your period that you don’t necessarily crave as much when you aren’t on your period, there is a reason for that. Our body is speaking to us and by listening, without any diet rules, just pure tuning in- We will be able to give our body what it needs and wants.

Remind yourself through each phase our body may require something different, we can trust that, and not judge it. If you do not have any concerning issues with your cycle, let your body lead you.

If you want to get further educated and take a deeper dive into it all we recommend finding an anti diet expert on menstrual cycles/ etc.

If you aren’t interested in that, continue to intuitively eat and allow yourself to ask your body questions without judgement and then answer the signal. 

Intuitive Movement on your period: 

#3. Our bodies go through different phases and in each phase we may have more or less energy to move. The point is to listen to your body. If it’s asking for rest. REST. If it’s asking for something gentle, do that. If it wants something upbeat and sweaty, do that. The point is that our bodies naturally ebb and flow between our 4 phases so just because you had a really strong/ heart pumping workout one day, doesn’t mean that is what your body needs every single day.

There are days when our bodies don’t have as much energy and need to rest - this is why we don’t need to force our movement. It really is about listening to your body and doing what feels good - and what feels good may look very different throughout each month. 

Long story short - if you think you need to counteract your cravings or hunger levels during PMS or your period just know that this is not intuitive. Whether the reason is hormonal changes, altered energy levels or emotional reasons, continue listening to your body. This way of life doesn’t change based on the time of the month, it’s a constant. Always listen to AND TRUST your body.

We hope you got some insights and permission to listen to your body ALL THE TIME. 

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Thank you!

Welcome to How to Love Your Body on today’s episode we are going to be talking about Intuitive Drinking - we aren’t just talking about drinking alcohol, we are talking about drinking anything!

We get that in diet culture the only thing “acceptable” is drinking water or low cal/ zero calorie drinks and there are a lot of rules around water too!

When becoming an Intuitive Eater and UnDieter there is unconditional permission to eat AND there is also unconditional permission to drink. 

We do hear often - “What do I do about drinking soda, I really love it but I don’t think I “should” be drinking as much as I want.” This goes for anything - juice, alcohol, coffee drinks, and water etc. 

Note: If you choose not to drink alcohol for any reason- that is a perfectly fine choice and is not about restriction. Alcohol is not essential and for the sake of someone’s mental, physical, and emotional health if it’s best to not have it in your life that’s a personal decision and we absolutely respect that.

We did an entire episode on Intuitive Drinking regarding alcohol - refer back to episode 101 if you’d like more on that.

Here are some Intuitive drinking tips: 


 -Buy the mini version:

If you love the taste of something but realize drinking too much of it doesn’t feel good in your body - see if you can buy the mini version. Mini cans of soda or juice etc that allows you to still enjoy it while still feeling good in your body. 

-Body Autonomy:

Remind yourself that you have body autonomy and can make your own decisions regarding your body. If you are drinking soda, juice, alcohol- you get to tap into your body and ask - do I really want another glass of wine right now? Do I want to pour more juice? Do I want to order another soda?  How would that feel in my body? - If you think, “it sounds really good to have another one but I know I won’t feel good.” Then you can make the decision to stop. It’s not restriction or dieting - it’s you knowing your own body. If you think, “I really want another one but I know it won’t feel good.” You can still choose to order another one/ drink more if you want - Sometimes I know another cocktail or glass of wine won’t make me feel good the next morning but if I’m with my girlfriends or in a social environment I’m having fun in - sometimes one more is worth it even if it won’t feel good. Sometimes not having any alcohol at all is what feels best and sometimes having 1 or 2 feels best. It depends on the social setting, desire, and empowered choice. This can go for soda and juice too!

- Find what feels good:

If certain drinks you LOVE don’t feel good in abundance - still have them of course as we mentioned with the “mini version” or however much you want but what you can do is find what feels good as well. Ex. I’ll have sweet cocktails or margaritas or fun blended drinks etc but having a lot of that won’t feel good. Something else I really enjoy are hard seltzer’s which allow me to have drinks and feel good as it doesn’t feel as heavy or sweet. Bubbly soda drinks are enjoyable but having too many won’t feel good for me. I love drinking flavored seltzer drinks. Still have the fun bubbles, I enjoy it and feels good. 

- Nothing is inherently bad:

Also know that non caloric versions, sugar free versions etc are not inherently bad. For instance, I like diet coke, I prefer it to regular coke. Is this because I drank it during my dieting years so I’m more used to it? Maybe. But I do not feel deprived at all when having it , I genuinely prefer it. AND if I was really wanting some and regular was the only kind available I would likely have some, it is not a forbidden drink, just one I don’t prefer. Exploring the motivation behind your “preferences” is an important part of breaking down restriction.

- Be aware of backlash:


You can also look at any backlash that comes from your drink choices. Do you have no problem with alcohol but you worry about the calories, pass on any drink offered to you but then you find you fall into all or nothing habits with alcohol? Binge drinking can also be a cause of restriction (assuming you’re fine with alcohol otherwise). If drinks like juice, sodas etc aren’t something you particularly crave and you never feel out of control with it, this also isn’t something you need to force. You don’t HAVE to drink certain drinks in order to be considered to not be restricting.

- Become aware of any rules around drinks

do you feel you HAVE to drink a certain amount of water in a day. Do you feel that you should not drink more than 1 caloric drink a day? Do you feel you always need to get the sugar free version even though you don’t like the taste? Start questioning and breaking down these rules. 

- Treat Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Drinking as the same (minus alcohol, that’s different)

Eating and drinking don’t hold any more or less value over each other. We have been ingrained by diet culture that drinking your calories is the worst thing you could ever do. Not true. Treat the drinks you enjoy just as you would treat the food you enjoy. Being Intuitive applies to both without any morality attached.

We get that the warmer weather is coming and drinking more beverages may be a part of your life (or it may be the same year round) - either way, take on these tips. See what works for you. And have zero judgement around it. Just explore and get curious. 

That’s all for today. Please rate and review the podcast, we'd greatly appreciate it! 

See you next week! 

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